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APS’s patented technology (Pat. No. 9,508,074) is a security that relates to preventing identity theft, in particular, the prevention of fraudulent transactions. The technology uses identification cards such as a credit/debit card, driver’s license, government ID, student ID, passport, birth certificate along with an array of biometrics such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition and voice recognition, to deliver customer-centric fraud protection.

The patent explains how:

The authorized card holder chooses secondary ID.

This information is stored, encrypted and associated with the card user’s account information.

A transaction approval request is transmitted from a vendor to the issuer, prompting the card user to provide transaction secondary security ID.

The secondary ID from the card holder is compared to issuer’s stored secondary ID.

The transaction is either approved or refused based on the comparison.

Real Time Authentication in Person and Online from APS


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