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We developed and patented this platform – APS PrivacyOne – to enable businesses, large and small, to overcome the burden and expense of credit card and identity fraud. In a world where theft and fraud is often dealt with after the fact, we focus on stopping it up front, which offers long term economic benefits to everyone involved. If the transaction can’t be verified using a personal identifier – it won’t happen.

We designed the technology to increase security by protecting the encrypted data on any card with fail-safe authentication through a method known only to the card holder and transaction data base. Our APS security now provides a convenient way for consumers to store their personal identifiers, which offers enhanced consumer control of the transaction validation process.

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Why Advanced Platform Solutions?

Simple – Secure – Personal

Protecting personal information and finances is top-of-mind for consumers and it should be. With many protection schemes in place, fraudulent transactions still occur at point of sale, online and, shockingly, even in health care. Concerns about fraud and financial loss are protected against by APS’s PrivacyOne patented technology that adds an additional layer of security for authentication, providing your customers with greater peace of mind and comfort.

3 seconds

Fraud occurs every 3 seconds

$1.9 Billion

Fraud losses in 2019 topped $1.9 Billion


There were 650,572 fraud reports in 2019

Why use secondary confirmation?

True multi-factor authentication, using biometrics as a second identifier over single factor authentication, provides enhanced security and delivers real-time cybersecurity protection. Using a fingerprint, voice print, or facial/retinal scan as a second ID – offers personal authentication that can’t be faked. Using APS security, which contains information that only the authorized consumer knows, is also personal and fraud-proof.

Protecting each transaction in real time.

Merchants, card issuers, insurance carriers and financial institutions bear the huge costs of fraudulent transactions both in person and online. APS’s PrivacyOne renders compromised card data useless because the secondary security is unknown or unattainable by the unauthorized user. This ensures the person making the transaction is authorized to complete it.

APS Delivers

Our solution delivers a seamless, real-time authentication process for transactions using a customer- controlled approach. Increase security and improve risk management while lowing cost and liabilities.

License APS PrivacyOne to be used for your business. APS’s security will increase customer loyalty and peace of mind.

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